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Youth Outreach
The Cathedral of the Epiphany offers a great opportunity for local youth through our Youth Nights. These Wednesday night programs engage youth in their faith through new and exciting ways to meet them on their level.
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Special mass times offered at the Cathedral of the Epiphany for Ash Wednesday
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The Christian faithful are to do penance through prayer, fasting, abstinence and by exercising works of piety and charity. All Fridays through the year, and especially during Lent, are penitential days.
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Our Clergy
Learn about the priesthood and read about the priests who currently minister to our parish community…
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Weekly Bulletins
          February 01 - English.pdf     Posted 1/29/2015
          February 01 - Espanol.pdf     Posted 1/29/2015
          February 08 - English.pdf     Posted 2/5/2015
          February 08 - Espanol.pdf     Posted 2/5/2015
          January 04 - English.pdf     Posted 1/9/2015
          January 04 - Espanol.pdf     Posted 1/9/2015
          January 11 - English.pdf     Posted 1/9/2015
          January 11 - Espanol.pdf     Posted 1/9/2015
          January 18 - English.pdf     Posted 1/23/2015
          January 18 - Espanol.pdf     Posted 1/23/2015
          January 25 - English.pdf     Posted 1/23/2015
          January 25 - Espanol.pdf     Posted 1/23/2015
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